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SWOADA Meritorious Service Award:

Presented in recognition of special contributions, leadership and service to interscholastic athletics in the Southwest District and the recipients league and their community.

Dave Palmer, Troy



SWOADA/OIAAA Award of Merit:

Presented to a NIAAA member in each state in recognition of meritorious service, leadership, and special contributions to interscholastic athletics at the state and local level. The Executive Board can either nominate or place names on the ballot. 

Craig Eier, Tecumseh



SWOADA Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award (SEI):

Presented to an individual who is a role model for others, exemplifies an unwavering commitment to good sportsmanship, reflects a high level of ethics and integrity and teaches positive values by words and deed.

Brad Pompos, Beavercreek



SWOADA/OIAAA Hall of Fame Inductee(s):

Induction into the Hall of Fame for exceptional service in Athletic Administration, this honor is bestowed upon a retired athletic administrator in recognition of their special accomplishments and contributions.

Steve Zimmerman

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SWOADA/OIAAA Athletic Director(s) of the Year:

Presented to individuals who exemplify the highest standards of their profession and who, through their influence on the lives of young people under their direction, has made significant contributions to their school and community.

Ashley Johnson, Covington

Charlie O'Dell, Bellbrook

Doug Foote, New Richmond

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SWOADA Middle School Athletic Director of the Year:

Presented to a Middle School (7-8) Athletic Director in recognition of service, leadership and involvement with interscholastic athletics at the local and district levels. The recipient of this award must be assigned the leadership of a 7-8 athletic program as their primary responsibility. ADs who serve as high school AD and 7-8 are not eligible for this award.

Preston Newell, Trotwood-Madison



SWOADA/OIAAA Distinguished Service Award:

This award is presented to an association member each year in recognition of their length of service, special accomplishments and contributions to athletic administration at the local, state and national levels. Each District is permitted, but not required to nominate one worthy individual from their organization, and the Executive Committee will choose one nominee to be honored. This nomination is forwarded to OIAAA and ultimately to NIAAA for consideration. The Executive Board will place names on the ballots from those that were nominated that fit the criteria.


Scott Stemple, Mason


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